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CAWP, Industry Represented at Rose Garden Event

“America This Week” host Eric Bolling hosted an exclusive town hall with President Donald Trump on October 20, 2020, filmed on location at the Rose Garden. Among the 20 participants to receive a personal invitation to the event was Ali Mills, Executive Vice President / EEO, Plum Contracting, Inc. and CAWP Secretary/Treasurer. The one-hour special […]

What Contractors Need to Know About HOS Rules

Four updates to hours-of-service (HOS) rules for commercial drivers took effect at the end of September, changing how drivers are required to take breaks and extending the distance short-haul drivers can travel in a day. In summary, the four main FMCSA updates to HOS rules are: Expands the short-haul exception from 100 to 150 air-miles and extends […]