CAWP Discusses Transportation Funding Needs with Congressman Conor Lamb’s Staff

On Thursday, July 23, the Association met with Congressman Lamb’s staff to advocate for additional transportation funding for Pennsylvania.  Citing the loss of highway revenue resulting from the large reduction in driving caused by the pandemic, which in turn reduced gasoline tax revenue, CAWP outlined the negative impact this has had on Pennsylvania’s road and bridge program.  It was pointed out that even before the pandemic, Pennsylvania, and especially southwestern Pennsylvania, was on the verge of a funding shortfall.

The meeting was timely, considering that both a federal transportation reauthorization bill and the inclusion of funding for state DOTs in the next COVID-19 relief bill are currently being debated in Washington.  The AGC of America continues to press key Senators and Representatives to include dedicated funding for infrastructure in the next coronavirus relief bill through the Americans for Better Infrastructure Campaign.

The Association continues to advocate for a strong transportation funding solution from Congress.  In addition to last week’s meeting with Congressman Lamb, CAWP,  along with representatives of the Carpenters, Laborers and Operating Engineers, met with members of the western Pennsylvania Congressional delegation in May to discuss the decline in Pennsylvania’s state transportation revenue because of COVID-19.