CAWP, Unions, Legislators Discuss Revenue Decline, Funding Needs Due to COVID-19

On Wednesday, May 27, the CAWP Executive Committee and representatives from the Carpenters, Laborers and Operating Engineers held a virtual meeting with Congressmen Doyle, Kelly, Lamb and Reschenthaler.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the decline in Pennsylvania’s state transportation revenue from reduced driving and other activities because of COVID-19.

In the discussions, the Association explained that these declines will negatively impact Pennsylvania’s road and bridge program in three critical areas: funding for current projects already bid, funding for future projects being bid in 2020 and 2021, and delayed payment to contractors for work that has already been completed. 

The Association urged the Congressmen to support legislation that would provide an immediate infusion of $49.95 billion in funding to state DOTs to mitigate the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on state transportation revenues, and enact a bipartisan, multi-year surface transportation legislation that provides increased investment levels and addresses the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund prior to September 30, 2020.

The Association will continue to work with the western Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation to include a robust investment in transportation infrastructure to facilitate economic growth and create jobs in the long-term.