Contractor Member Dues Payment


Thank you for joining Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania!

To complete the process, membership dues must be paid in full.

Contractor membership dues are $500 + AGC of America dues.  Dues are pro-rated for half of the calendar year beginning July 1.

AGC of America dues apply to a contractor who has performed work on at least one project during the past year as a General Contractor, and the amount of dues are based on the volume of work the General Contractor has performed in the previous year. The categories are based on the volume of work performed in 2017.

AGC of America dues may be deducted as a business expense but not as a charitable contribution. 4.08% of net national dues are not deductible in accordance with IRC Sec 6033.

Resignations must be in writing and all financial obligations resolved at time of resignation.


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Contractor Type:

Please select a category which best describes your company. For General Contractors, select the option that reflects your company\’s project volume for the previous year.

The selected category will determine your entire CAWP/AGC membership dues. If you have any questions as to which category your company falls into, please contact us.
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You are more than welcome to send payment via mail to:
Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania
800 Cranberry Woods Drive
Suite 110
Cranberry Township, PA 16066