Update from Owner/Agencies on Impact Covid-19 has had on Future Lettings

In late February, the Association held its annual Construction Market Symposium, which highlighted upcoming work in the heavy and highway industry in western Pennsylvania.  As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have reached out to those owner/agencies that made presentations at the 2020 Construction Market Symposium and asked them to provide us with an update. The following is what we have received.



PackageEstimated CostAnticipated Bid Schedule
North End Facilities$130 MillionBids opened & under review
Existing RAS System Modifications$20 MillionJune
Electrical System Improvements$10 MillionTBD
East Headworks$110 MillionOctober
Parking Garage$12 MillionDecember


PackageEstimated ValueEstimated Bid Date
CIPP Rehabilitation of the Lower Saw Mill Run Interceptor$11 MillionJune
2020 Flap Gate Replacement Project at various$2.5 MillionSeptember
CIPP Rehabilitation of the Monongahela Subaqueous Interceptor$7 MillionTBD
Pump Station Improvements$3.5 MillionOctober

Allegheny County Airport Authority: 

Allegheny County Department of Public Works: 

  • Allegheny County Public Works has now restarted all projects and we continue to advertising new projects.

City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works: 

  • The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works advised that they have not stopped or moved any current of future construction projects.

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority: 

  • The PWSA is currently re-evaluating what future projects they will begin to add to future letting schedules.  They advised that any projects that are currently working are contracts awarded pre-COVID-19.

Port Authority of Allegheny County: 

  • The Port Authority has advised that once they get back to normal operations, they will revisit their bidding schedules.

US Army Corp of Engineers: 

  • The USACE Pittsburgh District has advised that they have had no changes to new work coming up for bid.  Some projects already underway required the contractor to apply for a waiver from the state to keep working.