Tell Congress and President Trump to advance the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill!

The Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2) provides resources to build roads and bridges, public transit, airports, schools, hospitals, affordable housing, water infrastructure, locks, dams, levees and more. With 1,187,000 construction workers unemployed, our elected leaders must act now to protect existing and create new construction jobs!

Due to the unprecedented impact of the pandemic, state and local governments face significant budget shortfalls that are putting immense pressure on public agencies to delay or cancel construction projects. This comes on top of many private owners, developers, and investors—facing vast uncertainty—drastically cutting back on future construction projects.

Bipartisan improvements are needed to address some of the underlying policies in H.R. 2. However, without passing legislation that provides robust levels of infrastructure investment, the construction industry could experience substantial market reductions, threatening the viability of thousands of construction firms and jeopardizing hundreds of thousands of construction jobs.

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