What Contractors Need to Know About HOS Rules

Four updates to hours-of-service (HOS) rules for commercial drivers took effect at the end of September, changing how drivers are required to take breaks and extending the distance short-haul drivers can travel in a day.

In summary, the four main FMCSA updates to HOS rules are:

  • Expands the short-haul exception from 100 to 150 air-miles and extends permitted work shift from 12 to 14 hours;
  • Expands the driving window during adverse driving conditions by up to two more hours; 
  • Requires a 30-minute break after eight hours of driving time (instead of on-duty time) and allows an on-duty/not driving period to qualify as the required break; 
  • Modifies the sleeper berth exception.

Read the entire Safety Bulletin for additional details.

DOT Hours of Service Update Webinar

Friday, October 30, 2020