CAWP hosted the 7th Annual CAWP Student Estimating Competition February 10-11, 2023. Ten teams from six universities participated in this competition, which was developed to showcase the benefits and opportunities the heavy-highway construction industry has to offer. It was an exciting two days with teams from Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University – Harrisburg, Penn State University – University Park, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and West Virginia University participating in the competition. 

Prior to the competition kick-off, the student teams received initial competition instructions and information on Thursday night. On Friday, the teams were given pre-job documents and attended a pre-bid meeting. The teams then spent the day preparing their bids and schedule. There was a race to the finish as teams submitted their bids and supporting documents at 5:00 p.m. On Saturday, the teams were allotted 30 minutes to present their process and an explanation of how they arrived at their final bid to a panel of judges. Students also had the opportunity to attend a career fair and industry presentations after they completed their presentations. At the end of the day, scores from both the actual bid and the presentation were combined to determine the winning teams of the competition.  

Tobey Field
Nick Gavran
Matt Geib
Matt Griffiths
Micah Kriebel
Brad Barndt
Quentin Edwards
Shane Felix
Cameron Landis
Mason Rodgers
Justin Schmidt



Snehal Avhad
Shekhar Damaria
Sudha Dwivedi
Aksha Pandya
Alexandra Terán
Tanisha Yelaka


Deepanshi Jaiswal
Yunxiao Odette Jin
Faris Aijaz Ahmed Khan
Shashwati Khawale
Paul O’Brien
Kavin Rao

Penn State Main- Team 1

Alex Bohlin
Jacob Carnovale
Jakob Ream
Nick Schnelbach
Brian Whiteford

Penn State Main – Team 2

Tobey Field
Nick Gavran
Matt Geib
Matt Griffiths
Micah Kriebel

Picclovanic-Parlson (PP)

Bryan Bennett
Joshua Carlson
Thomas Hovanic
Steven Painter
David Piccolomini
Douglas Rubin

GG & H Engineering, Inc.

Shawn Bennerman
John Forte
Tyler Gigliotti
Gabriel Gonzalez
Zachariah Harman
Ramon Evangelista, III

Benedum Builders

James Clark
Stephen Crikelair
Fernanda Morales-Viveros
Cain Pfoutz
Nate Schachner

The Benchwarmers

David Humensky
Mallory Jackson
Carson Kaufman
Eric Patton
Angelo Pisani
Jacob Sabol


Brad Barndt
Quentin Edwards
Shane Felix
Cameron Landis
Mason Rodgers
Justin Schmidt


Aida Da Silva
Sourav Dutta
Dilruba Mahmud
M Imtiaz Rahman
Md Ala Uddin
Nazia Zerin

Past Estimating Competition Students Share How Competition Led to Careers

Former CAWP Student Estimating Competition participants, currently employed by CAWP members, share their insight on how the competition gave them an edge with making industry connections, gaining valuable experience, and advancing into careers.  In addition, both Seymour and Uric currently serve on the CAWP CLC Steering Committee. 

Read more about their experience with the competition and how being involved directly benefited their professional development.

Juliah Seymour

Juliah seymour

MEET Juliah
Austin Uric

austin uric

MEET Austin

Kaden McGregor
Advantage Steel & Construction


Anthony Gansor
Independence Excavating



Thank you to the following team advisors, who put in weeks of work behind the scenes and with the student teams in preparation for this event.

Carnegie Mellon University

Brian Westrom, Fay, S&B USA

Penn State University – University Park
Evan Ring, Brayman Construction Corporation
Brett Fellers, Kaden McGregor,  Advantage Steel & Construction

Penn State University – Harrisburg
Paul Boggs, Trumbull Corporation

University of Pittsburgh
Joe Neubert, Independence Excavating
Tony Colella, Independence Excavating

Kurt Karanovich, Kokosing

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Josh Fetcko, Plum Contracting, Inc.

West Virginia University
Kurt Karanovich & Kevin Christy, Kokosing


Thank you to the following competition judges for volunteering their time and expertise to evaluate the student teams in their presentations.

Erik Bertrand, Mosites Construction Company

Harry Hardman, Trumbull Corporation

Paul Hartley, Fay S&B USA

Russ Hathaway, Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc.

Rich Mannarino, Brayman Construction Corporation

Brian Reitz, Mascaro Contracting, LP

Frank Zottola, Independence Excavating


Thank you to Kevin Duris, Trumbull Corporation for leading the planning, preparation, and execution of the competition and being an invaluable resource to the Association. 

Thank you to Katie Banks, Trumbull Corporation for preparing the vast amount of competition materials needed for the teams to compete, as well as assisting behind the scenes in the preparation leading up to the competition. 

Thank you to Jeff Ronosky, Mosites Construction Company for providing one of Mosites Construction Company’s jobs for the student teams to bid on. 

Thank you to Austin Uric, Fay S&B USA & Josh Fetcko, Plum Contracting, Inc. for all of their help during the competition!

Thank you to the following CAWP members for providing industry presentations to the students.

Allie Chornick, Mascaro Construction

Shawn Tunstall, Tunstall Engineering

Greg Franz, Trumbull Corporation

Evan Ring, Trumbull Corporation

Josh Fetcko, Plum Contracting

Brian Westrom, Fay S&B USA

Thank you to the following CAWP members for attending the career fair.

Brayman Construction


Golden Triangle Construction


Mascaro Contrracting, LP

Merante Contracting

Plum Contracting

Swank Construction

Trumbull Corporation/Gulisek/Lindy Paving