Services include: monitoring, communicating, and understanding federal and state regulations; continually publishing updated information; providing consulting and educational opportunities; and, continually searching for new ways to assist members in complying with the regulations.

CAWP provides members with representation on federal and state audits and conferences, and can conduct mock audits of members’ EEO programs.These mock audits provide information on how to document affirmative action steps and what to expect in a compliance review conducted by either federal or state entities.

CAWP is continually publishing and conveying updated EEO information through EEO Bulletins. Topics that are frequently communicated are required EEO posters and annual forms, union apprenticeship application program notifications, referral list for minority and female recruitment, etc.

View updated EEO information in our bulletins.

View resources for minority and female referrals.

View the listing of required State and Federal employee notices.