2023 CAWP/H2AP Safety Banquet

Nearly 600 safe supervisors were honored at the CAWP / H2AP Safety Banquet on Friday, March 31, 2023. For the first time in four years, accident-free supervisors gathered with the industry to celebrate outstanding safety records of individuals and companies in the prior construction season. Twenty CAWP and H2AP contractor members received the 2022 Safety Award for having no lost time accidents and 6 were recognized for having a Lost Workday Incidence Rate at or below the national average for highway construction. 

During the program, Jason Koss, CAWP Director of Industry Relations, welcomed the attendees and introduced the evening’s emcee, KDKA’s Mary Ours, who recognized the CAWP Safety Committee and presented the evening’s awards. 

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Congratulations to all award winning companies and supervisors on their successful 2022 season!


The following companies had no lost time accidents in 2022.

B&K Enterprises, Inc.
Brayman Construction Corporation
C.H. & D. Enterprises, Inc.
Donegal Construction Corporation
Douglass Pile Company, Inc.
Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc.
Richard Goettle, Inc.
Golden Triangle Construction
Gregori Construction Inc.
Howard Concrete Pumping Company, Inc.
Hunt Valley Environmental, LLC
Mascaro Contracting, LP
Matcon Diamond, Inc.
Charles J. Merlo, Inc.
Mosites Construction Company
Neumeyer Environmental Services
North Suburban Tree Service
Francis J. Palo, Inc.
R&L Development CO
Swank Construction Company, LLC



The following companies had Lost Workday Incidence Rate at or below the national average for highway construction in 2022.

Casper Colosimo & Son, Inc.
Fay S&B USA Construction
Gulisek Construction, LLC
Lindy Paving, Inc.
Northeast Paving
M. O’Herron Company




The CAWP / H2AP Lifesaving Award is an honor reserved for those groups or individuals who make an extraordinary effort to help save the life of another. Emergency lifesaving situations require the ability and presence of mind to act effectively, swiftly and selflessly. These incidents are few in number but have a common thread linking them together – individuals who make a brave and heroic effort to save a family member, friend, co-worker or stranger.

At 6:30 a.m., at the start of the first shift of a new work week, an operating engineer on the jobsite suddenly collapsed and lay unconscious on the ground. Not knowing what caused the issue, the entire crew jumped into action by delegating responsibilities, calling 911, performing CPR, and maintaining control of the jobsite. When emergency services arrived they took over medical care.

Logan Caldwell then notified the main office of the situation, assisted in contacting the family, and maintained a professional atmosphere at the jobsite and beyond. It was later determined the operator had suffered cardiac arrest but is alive today thanks to the crew’s swift actions and composure.



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