Dave Maloney

VP of Safety
Fay, S&B USA Construction

I hope all construction companies realize the importance of their people and get on board with a culture of doing it the safe way.

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Dave Maloney
Joshua Hatcher

Joshua Hatcher

Safety Compliance Director
Donegal Construction Corporation

It is vital to be a part of a group with like minded goals and be able to bounce ideas off of each other to help strengthen the construction industry.

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Chris Abbs

Safety & Training Manager
B&K Enterprises

Health and safety professionals have created somewhat of a brother/sisterhood, and we are willing to lend a hand, even to our direct competition, in the name of saving lives.

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Steve Durbin

Corporate Safety Manager
Northeast Paving, a division of Eurovia Atlantic Coast

I hope that the industry continues to work together to share the lessons learned and best practices.

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Larry Chilenski

Director of Safety
Swank Construction Company

I hope to see the industry continue to grow and evolve- today’s safety issues will be solved by new technologies, different thinking, or an overall different approach.

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