On May 19 & 20, CAWP hosted 15 attendees for a unique and engaging leadership program. In the Footsteps of Leaders: Gettysburg Leadership Program uses lessons learned on the battlefield at Gettysburg and helps apply those lessons to today’s workforce.

For two days, the attendees walked in the footsteps of leaders, learned about the decisions those individuals made, and discussed the ramifications of those choices. Participants were then asked how they would be able to implement those lessons within their own organizations.

Workforce Development

Workforce development is a vital part of the heavy/highway construction industry that doesn’t stop at recruitment. Identifying leaders within the industry and fostering skills to help them thrive as an individual and as an integral part of your company is the next step in creating a strong workforce. If you would like to consider being part of the next Gettysburg Leadership Program, please contact Emily at emilym@cawp.org.