2017 CAWP Annual Report

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[fusion_tagline_box backgroundcolor=”#efefef” shadow=”no” shadowopacity=”0.7″ border=”0″ bordercolor=”#2d5c2f” highlightposition=”left” content_alignment=”left” link=”” button=”” linktarget=”_self” modal=”” button_size=”” button_type=”” button_shape=”” buttoncolor=”default” title=”A Message from the Executive Director” description=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_offset=””] We here at CAWP are in the middle of our training season, assisting our contractors in getting ready for another heavy and highway construction season to begin. In this time of training and preparation, the Association is happy to present our 2017 Annual Report. In the report, you will be able to view the Association’s efforts on behalf of our members in 2017. These accomplishments are made possible by the commitment our members make to serve and promote the union heavy and highway construction industry in western Pennsylvania. We could not accomplish all that we have without the volunteers who assist us each year by serving on the Board and on various committees, taking time to advocate on behalf of the industry and attending our training and other events. We hope you enjoy our Annual Report. As always, we thank you for your support of the Association in 2017 and beyond.

Richard J. Barcaskey CAWP Executive Director



President George E. Mezey, Trumbull Corporation Vice President Joseph F. Casilli, Casper Colosimo & Son, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer Andrew R. Swank, Swank Construction Co., LLC Immediate Past President John M. Mills, Plum Contracting, Inc. Committee Chairman Frank Piedimonte, Brayman Construction Corp.


Anthony Bertolino, Mekis Construction Corp. Erik Bertrand, Mosites Construction Co. Robert Breisinger, Mascaro Contracting, LP Peter J. Caruso IV, Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. Joseph F. Casilli, Casper Colosimo & Son, Inc. Rick DiGeronimo, Independence Excavating Michael A. Facchiano, Jr., Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc. Kerry Kennedy, The Lane Construction Corporation Thomas P. Kissane, M. O’Herron Company John H. Laver III, Mayer Brothers Construction Co. David Matesic, Matcon Diamond George E. Mezey, Trumbull Corporation Ali Mills, Plum Contracting, Inc. Frank Piedimonte, Brayman Construction Corp. Lance Shreffler, McKinney Drilling Andrew R. Swank, Swank Construction Co., LLC Vince Tutino, Lindy Paving James Wilkinson, Joseph B. Fay Company Justin Bryan, Frank Bryan, Inc. – Associate member Rep. PRESIDENTS COUNCIL Shawn M. Fay, Sr. John F. McCaskie, Swank Construction Co., LLC John M. Mills, Plum Contracting, Inc. Robert G. Miner, Jr., Donegal Construction Corp. Stephen M. Muck, Brayman Construction Corp. Charles J. Niederriter, Golden Triangle Construction Co. Michael A. Palo, Francis J. Palo, Inc. Kenneth L. Wolf, Mekis Construction Corp.



CAWP Continues to Work to Make Contractors Competitive

The Association continued to play an active role in assuring that our contractor members remain competitive. In 2017, CAWP was successful in working with the unions to process 58 Competitive Adjustments for PennDOT, Turnpike and other owner projects in western Pennsylvania.

2017-2019 Labor Agreement – Now in Searchable Format

Finding the information you need in the 2017-2019 Labor Agreement became a lot easier in 2017. The agreement is now formatted as an easily navigable PDF document. When visiting the CAWP website on a desktop computer, click on the link to download the document. Scroll to the index, click on the section you are interested in, and you will be taken to the appropriate page in the document. All indices throughout the agreement will work in this way – making finding what you are searching for much easier than in the past. If you would like to utilize this feature on a mobile device, use these instructions for best results: For Apple users: 1. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app from the Apple app store 2. Go to the Labor section of the CAWP website and click the link to download the PDF to your device. 3. Open the file to preview it. 4. Click ‘Open in…’ and select Adobe Acrobat app to open the PDF For Android users: 1. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app from the Google Play store 2. Go to the Labor section of the CAWP website and click the link to download the PDF to your device. 3. Open the file to preview it. 4. Click the menu button and select ‘Open with…’ and select the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF. Functionality Once the document is opened in Acrobat, tap the page number on the index to jump to that section of the agreement quickly. When in the document, you can also tap the page number that you are on to bring up a dialog to enter a specific page number to navigate to another section of the document. Additionally, you are able to create bookmarks on important pages, highlight any area you would like, make notes for future reference and share with your colleagues instantly. Should you have any questions on this functionality, please feel free to contact the Association at 412.343.8000.


Charles Niederriter, Chairman, Golden Triangle Chad Basinger, Swank Construction Robert Cane, Trumbull Corporation Shawn Fay, Sr. Dan Ganoe, Lindy Paving Thomas P. Kissane, M. O’Herron Company Eric Klimas, Golden Triangle John Maffeo, Jr., Trumbull Corporation John M. Mills, Plum Contracting Frank Piedimonte, Brayman Construction Michael A. Palo, Francis J. Palo, Inc. Steven J. Reed, Mekis Construction Clayton Stahl, Gulisek Construction Andrew R. Swank, Swank Construction Dennis Watkins, Joseph B. Fay Co. Ken Wolf, Mekis Construction



CAWP released the latest version of Future Road Builders in September of 2017 to provide an innovative way to raise career awareness to the skilled craft careers of the highway construction industry.  The mobile app system was developed as a result of a $400,000 job training grant from the Federal Highway Administration in 2016 via the Ladders of Opportunity Initiative On-The-Job Training/Supportive Service.      The new Future Road Builders can be downloaded for free on any mobile device, users can create a skill arcade profile, collect badges like “Get to Work” and “Jack of All Trades,” and connect with a various apprenticeship programs.

NEW Road Builder Blitz App

Road Builder Blitz was developed by CAWP to raise awareness of STEM-related construction careers amongst upper elementary and middle school aged students.  The mobile gaming app deploys over 20 construction mini-games to expose youth to construction-related scenarios around math, safety, communication, mechanical abilities, etc.  In the game, the player is tasked by the mayor to build bridges in a quick fashion.  For more information about this game, visit roadbuilderblitz.com.   

Summer camps use Future Road Builders Skill Arcade to raise career awareness

High school summer camps are a great way to engage youth in career awareness activities. This summer, CAWP worked with two groups to incorporate Future Road Builders skill arcade apps into their activities.    A summer camp based in Harrisburg called HEAT (Heavy Equipment Accelerated Training), facilitated two camps in June and July for students to learn about careers in construction fields.  HEAT utilized the CAWP skill arcade apps to explore different segments of construction all from the convenience of a tablet.    Additionally, Plum Contracting hosted Crossroads Foundation, a Pittsburgh based school, during their summer camp for a tour of the Operating Engineers training center.  Additionally, Crossroads Foundation utilized the Future Road Builders skill arcade apps to build career awareness around construction. 

CAWP Presents Future Road Builders to National Conference

CAWP Executive Director Rich Barcaskey presented on Future Road Builders to attendees of the AGC Highway, Transportation & Utility Infrastructure Conference on November 2, 2017. The presentation focused on the recent release of Future Road Builders as a free app, and the upgraded functionality and mobility of the program.   After the presentation, several AGC chapters expressed interest in licensing Future Road Builders to enhance construction career awareness in their areas. This conference brings together contractors, owners and key industry constituents involved in every aspect of building highway, transit and utility infrastructure for a two-day program on the latest legislative and regulatory issues, technology and operation trends shaping the market, and updates on AGC’s efforts to fund infrastructure investment.  
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CAWP’s Future Road Builders is set to be a key pre-requisite of a new program at the Pittsburgh Job Corps Center thanks to FHWA’s Highway Construction Workforce Pilot Project.  

CAWP participated in the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Pilot Program.  Pittsburgh is just one of 12 locations nation-wide selected by the FHWA to participate in the initiative.  The pilot project was created to bring together key parties across the public and private sectors to effectively address staffing and training needs in highway construction. Through an industry-led approach, individuals will be identified, trained and placed in high demand highway construction occupations. 

As part of Pittsburgh’s Pilot Program, CAWP established a relationship with the Pittsburgh Job Corps Center, whose purpose is to teach eligible young people the skills they need to become employable and independent and place them in meaningful jobs or further education.  While the Pittsburgh Job Corps has several construction-related programs, only one of those programs, the heavy equipment operator program, is geared towards highway construction.  This pilot program was successful in adding a second program that would train future highway construction laborers.

CAWP Co-Hosts Popular Cranberry Township Touch-A-Truck Event

Partnering with Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation, Cranberry Township and the Cranberry Library, CAWP co-hosted the Touch-A-Truck event on August 16, 2017. Approximately 300 people attended this family-friendly, free event. Children had the chance to get up close and personal with construction vehicles, fire trucks, EMS vehicles and more! Thank you to Highway Equipment Company, Inc., McClymonds Supply & Transit Co., Inc., Murphy Tractor and Equipment Company and the Operating Engineers for participating by supplying equipment for the event.


CAWP Contractor Members Participate in the Selection of Future Apprentices

CAWP thanks the following members for interviewing on the various apprentice interview panels in the spring of 2017.  A combined total of 22 days was invested in the selection of the future workforce of this industry. As experienced craft workers retire and leave their trades, the industry must select individuals who have the aptitude to learn and develop the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to proficiently perform the job tasks associated with the particular trade.  During the spring months, the Unions hold interview sessions to select candidates for their apprenticeship program.  Thank you to the following representatives from CAWP member companies who were active in the interview process. OPERATING ENGINEERS – 8 Days Bob Breisinger, Mascaro Contracting, LP Rich Doyle, Trumbull Corporation Dan Ganoe, Lindy Paving, Inc. Scott Gottheld, The Lane Construction Corporation Harry Jack, The Lane Construction Corporation Keith “Bubba” Linsenbigler, McKinney Drilling Company, LLC Rich Barcaskey, CAWP MECHANICS – 2 Days Eric Bogan, Swank Construction Company, LLC Phil Dunn, Mascaro Contracting, LP Jim Harris, Mascaro Contracting, LP CARPENTERS – 7 Days Chad Basinger, Swank Construction Company, LLC Erik Bertrand, Mosites Construction Company Keith “Bubba” Linsenbigler, McKinney Drilling Company, LLC Steve Reed, Mekis Construction Corporation Lynn Tiernan, Gulisek Construction, LLC CEMENT MASONS – 3 Days Pete Douglas, Swank Construction Company, LLC Mike Rieber, Golden Triangle Construction Company LABORERS – 2 Days Rich Barcaskey, CAWP Jason Koss, CAWP Stephanie Teagarden, CAWP

Student Estimating Competition

On February 3 and 4 of 2017, CAWP hosted the inaugural CAWP Student Estimating Competition at the Regional Learning Alliance. Ten teams from five universities participated in this academic competition, developed to showcase the benefits and opportunities the heavy-highway construction industry has to offer. It was an exciting two days with teams from Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University – Harrisburg, Penn State University – University Park, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown participating in the competition. The competition began with the student teams receiving pre-job documents and attending a pre-bid meeting. The teams then spent the day preparing their bids. There was a race to the finish at the bid box as the teams arrived to turn in their bid packages before the 6:00 p.m. deadline. On day two, each team was allotted 30 minutes to present to a panel of judges their process and how they arrived at their final bid. Scores from both the actual bid and the presentation were combined to determine the winning teams of the competition. The first-place team was Panther Estimators from the University of Pittsburgh. The second-place team was Penn State UP Seniors from Penn State University – University Park.   Congratulations to all the teams for a fantastic competition. Thank you to the following team advisors, who put in weeks of work behind the scenes and with the student teams in preparation for this event. Paul Boggs, Trumbull Corporation Kevin Duris, Trumbull Corporation Josh Fetcko, Plum Contracting, Inc. Patrick Garrett, Trumbull Corporation Kurt Karanovich, Joseph B. Fay Co. Jason Maffeo, Trumbull Corporation Brian Miller, Plum Contracting, Inc. Evan Ring, Brayman Construction Corporation Brian Westrom, Joseph B. Fay Co. Thank you to the following competition judges, for volunteering their time and expertise to evaluate the student teams in their presentations. Erik Bertrand, Mosites Construction Company Geoff Clarke, Swank Construction Company Russ Hathaway, Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc. Kevin Hetrick, Plum Contracting, Inc. Kerry Kennedy, The Lane Construction Corporation Rich Mannarino, Brayman Construction Corporation Jim Wilkinson, Joseph B. Fay Co. Additional thanks to Josh Fetcko and Brian Miller from Plum Contracting, Inc. for selecting one of their jobs to be the project the student teams bid on, and for presenting the project to the teams and judges. A special thank you to Bill Woodford of Trumbull Corporation for developing the structure of the competition and being an invaluable resource to the Association in the execution of the competition. MORE PHOTOS


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On February 23, the CLC Education Forum was held at CAWP on the Rapid Bridge Replacement project (SR30 in East Pittsburgh) in which Brayman Construction Corporation demolished and replaced a bridge in 57 hours. This PennDOT project was for the removal and replacement of a bridge structure over a weekend utilizing ABC methods.  The presentation also included a time-lapse video of the accelerated bridge construction project.    Save


Mark Mills, Plum Contracting, Inc. – Chair Dave Sciullo, Golden Triangle Constr. Co., Inc. – Vice Chair Jason Sinay, Joseph B. Fay Co. – Past Chair Tim Blauch, Lindy Paving, Inc. Tiffany Chambers, Trumbull Corporation Josh Fetcko, Plum Contracting, Inc. Frank Howard, Jr., Howard Concrete Pumping Co., Inc. Nathan Miller, The Lane Construction Corporation Steven T. Mosites III, Mosites Construction Co. Lyndsay Olson, Rae-Lyn Enterprises, Inc. Mark Ondecko, Gulisek Construction LLC Heath Butler, Trumbull Corporation Mike Trettel, Joseph B. Fay Co.

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The AGC Student Chapter at Pitt is growing into a vibrant organization actively engaged with the industry and contractor members, thanks in large part to activities with the CAWP CLC and the MBA YC.  This dynamic partnership has given this energetic group of students a much deeper understanding of the industry, internships, and job offers.  The CAWP CLC has an ongoing initiative to engage with AGC student chapters so that students graduating are aware of opportunities in our industry.   The student chapter hit the ground running in 2017 with the following activities: 

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In the Spring and Fall of 2017, the chapter hosted standing room only kickoff meetings to invite new members into the group. CAWP CLC Chair Mark Mills and Jason Koss participated to promote the CAWP CLC and the Student Estimating Competition to the students.  

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On September 22nd, a Contractor Only Job Fair was held on the campus of Pitt.  The Job Fair gave CAWP members an excellent opportunity to meet future Pitt civil engineering and construction management graduates and discuss career opportunities, co-ops, and internships. Approximately 45 students attended the two-hour event.  Students provided a book of resumes that were distributed electronically to members.  Thank you to the CAWP members who participated: A.Merante Contracting, Brayman Construction, Golden Triangle Construction, Mascaro Contracting, McCrossin Foundations, Plum Contracting, and Trumbull Corporation. 

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The students participated in two field trips to the Operating Engineers Training Site in New Alexandria, Pa. on April 14 and October 27. Forty students from Pitt participated and learned more about the Operators apprenticeship program.  They were provided a safety orientation, and then, under the guidance of instructors, were able to operate heavy equipment.  Students had lunch and discussed future student chapter activities with Mark Mills of Plum Contracting, CAWP CLC Chair, and Jason Koss of CAWP.    To learn about the Operating Engineers facility, see video here.

Surveying Workshop

On Friday, October 13th, a group of students from the AGC Student Chapter at Pitt participated in a surveying workshop, where they learned about several topics, including intro to GPS, robot, and total station, as well as construction stakeout, differential leveling, and area determinations.  CAWP CLC Vice Chair Dave Sciullo of Golden Triangle Construction facilitated the workshop and coordinated with SITECH to provide the equipment.  Trumbull Corporation also provided a surveyor to assist with the program. 

Meet the Students Event

On October 20th, the students continued the momentum with a Meet the AGC Student Chapter event hosted by the CAWP CLC.  The event was designed for contractors to network with the students and to promote the construction industry, our organizations, and career opportunities. The event was open to all CAWP members and held at The Porch at Schenley in Oakland.  

CAWP Student Estimating Competition

This student chapter entered two teams to the CAWP Estimating Competition in February.  The team advisors from the Joseph B. Fay Company met frequently with the students from October through February to prepare for the competition.     Our Association is fortunate to have a dedicated membership who take the time to expose these students to real-world applications of learning that will better prepare them for our industry.  

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The CAWP Constructors Leadership Council (CLC) outgoing Chair, Jason Sinay of Joseph B. Fay Co., and incoming Chair Mark Mills of Plum Contracting, Inc., presented the ninth annual Brandon Chaney CLC Scholarship at the 2017 CAWP / H2AP Annual Membership Reception and Monte Carlo held on Friday, January 13, 2017.  Four $1,000 scholarships were given to the highest-ranking first-year apprentice in each of the four heavy and highway union apprenticeship programs in western Pennsylvania.   

The recipients of each apprenticeship program were:

KML Regional Council of Carpenters #441 Cody McDonald

Cement Masons Local #526 Samantha Doby

Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania Monica Mammano

Operating Engineers Local #66 Tyler Summerhill

All recipients were in attendance to receive their scholarship, with the exception of Cody McDonald (Carpenters Apprenticeship Program) who was on military leave.  We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to Cody for his service. 



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Nearly 150 shooters participated in the 2017 CAWP CLC Sporting Clays event on Friday, May 26 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Following breakfast, the attendees enjoyed an exciting and challenging round of shooting, despite some rain. Following the round, the attendees gathered in the Grille for a buffet lunch and the announcement of prize winners and the top shooters.  

Top shooters for the day were:

Jim Pratt, Penn Line Service, Inc. Jim Humberston, Green Acres Contracting Co., Inc. Justin Plume, Green Acres Contracting Co., Inc. Harry Kenney, Pleasant Unity Supply, Inc.

The highlight of the day, however, was the announcement of the top scoring team from the shooting round. Penn Line Service, Inc. took home the win and the coveted CAWP CLC Sporting Clays Event Top Scoring Team Trophy.

Event Sponsors

Shooter’s Paradise Sponsors Joseph B. Fay Co. Green Acres Contracting Co., Inc. The Lane Construction Corporation Lindy Paving, Inc. A. Merante Contracting Co., Inc. Penn Line Service, Inc. Pleasant Unity Supply, Inc. United Rentals


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The CAWP Constructors Leadership Council (CLC) Toy Drive was once again a huge success. This year, the toys were loaded onto a bus and transported to the Mount Pleasant area of Westmoreland County.  The Salvation Army identified that region to be in the highest need to support families during this holiday season.  Over 500 toys were donated by the following CAWP members: 

All Crane Rental of PA All State Career Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc. Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc. Joseph B. Fay Co. Golden Triangle Construction Corporation Gulisek Construction LLC Howard Concrete Pumping Co., Inc. Liberty Insurance Agency Matcon Diamond, Inc. Mekis Construction Corporation Plum Contracting, Inc. Quality Bridge & Fab Swank Construction Company, LLC

A special thank you to All-State Career for providing the bus for Santa to transport all the donations to the Salvation Army!



Accident-Free Supervisors Honored at the 2017 CAWP / H2AP Safety Banquet

Nearly 500 safe supervisors were honored at the CAWP / H2AP Safety Banquet on Friday, March 31, 2017. The annual event once again honored accident free supervisors and companies with outstanding safety records in the prior construction season. Nineteen CAWP and H2AP contractor members received Safety Awards for having no lost time accidents and seven were recognized for having a Lost Workday Incidence Rate at or below the national average for highway construction.  During the program, Jason Koss, CAWP Director of Industry Relations, introduced a contest designed to raise awareness of the proper use of fall protection equipment. The contest featured the latest gaming app in the CAWP Arcade – Harness Hero: Bridge Edition. It ran in conjunction with CAWP’s promotion of OSHA’s Safety Stand Down, a week-long national initiative to raise awareness on falls in construction.  You can download Harness Hero: Bridge Edition, today from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace. Congratulations to all of the companies who were recognized.  [fusion_builder_row_inner]

Safety Award Recipients

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Amelie Construction & Supply, LLC Bruce & Merrilees Electric Casper Colosimo & Son, Inc. Donegal Construction Corporation Douglass Pile Company, Inc. Richard Goettle, Inc. The Great Lakes Construction Company Howard Concrete Pumping Company, Inc. Hunt Valley Environmental, LLC IA Construction Corporation Independence Excavating Mascaro Contracting, L.P. Matcon Diamond, Inc. Charles J. Merlo, Inc. Moretrench American Corporation Neumeyer Environmental Services Nicholson Construction Company Francis J. Palo, Inc. Plum Contracting, Inc.

Certificate Recipients

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Joseph B. Fay Co. A. Folino Construction, Inc. Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc. The Lane Construction Corporation Lindy Paving, Inc. Swank Construction Company, LLC Trumbull Corporation



Chad Lincoln, Ch., Trumbull Corporation Chris Abbs, Strongstown’s B&K Enterprises Celeste Andreassi-Hutchens, A.C. Miller Matthew B. Aubele, Travelers Richard L. Bair, Francis J. Palo, Inc. Rick Bowers, Mascaro Contracting Larry Chilenski, Swank Constr. Co. Steve Durbin, Lane Constr. Corp. Joe Franceschini, Trumbull Corporation Joshua Hatcher, Donegal Construction Corp. Carl Heinlein, American Contractors Insurance Morgan Koprivnak, Lindy Paving, Inc. Del Kubeldis, Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Nick Kuntz, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Fritz Leitenberger, Zurich North America Jason Malatak, Mosites Construction Dave Maloney, Joseph B. Fay Co. Michael Nicholas, Plum Contracting, Inc. Kirk Nypaver, Golden Triangle Jody Porterfield, Brayman Construction Corp. Craig Ream, Willis of PA, Inc. Chris Reefer, Joseph B. Fay Co. Chris Sckena, Golden Triangle Rhonda J. Snyder, Mekis Construction Victor Vendetti, MSA Gary Wobb, Liberty Insurance Agency

National Work Zone Awareness Week

The National Work Zone Awareness Week took place April 3 – 7, 2017 with the theme “Work Zone Safety is in Your Hands.” CAWP participated in this national initiative to once again highlight the dangers posed to construction workers caused by speeding and distracted driving. On April 5, designated “Go Orange Day,” CAWP encouraged members to wear orange to proudly show their support of work zone safety. To raise the public’s awareness, CAWP’s Director of Industry Relations, Jason Koss, participated in a press event with PennDOT District 11 Executive Dan Cessna and the Pennsylvania State Police at the Perrysville Avenue interchange on I-279 (Parkway North). At the press event, these statistics were highlighted: · According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), more than 20,000 workers are injured in road construction work zones each year. · Over 86% of the crashes occurred in dry road conditions, with more than 60% occurring during the daylight hours. · Nationally, 4 out of 5 fatalities in work zones involved the driver or the vehicle occupants. CAWP members also participated in raising public awareness to work zone safety by placing VMS signage with the work zone awareness messages along roadways or other activities. CAWP would like to thank the following member companies for their participation in National Work Zone Awareness Week: Brayman Construction Corporation Fenix Group, Inc. Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc. Francis J. Palo, Inc. Plum Contracting, Inc. Swank Construction Company Trumbull Corporation Click here for photos and a video of these CAWP members’ participation in National Work Zone Awareness Week.   Save

CAWP Holds Silica Compliance Workshop

With OSHA’s new silica rule set to go into effect in 2017, CAWP and MBA joined together to prepare contractors for compliance. The workshop, held in December of 2016, provided an overview of the silica rule with an emphasis on engineering and work practice controls. Over 150 attendees learned about the new silica rule and the products that reduce silica exposure. The event was held at Cranberry Township Public Works facility.

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As part of the National Safety Stand Down initiative, CAWP members participated in safety stand down activities on jobsites across western Pennsylvania to raise awareness about fall protection. To raise further awareness on falls, the CAWP Safety Committee and safety representatives from MBA and OSHA hosted an event on May 8th during stand down week at MSA’s new safety training center at the Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry Township. Attendees simulated worker safety scenarios utilizing ladders, platforms and manholes, and participated in training sessions on the Fall Protection ABCs and Fall Protection Equipment Inspection.  The Stand Down was part of a national campaign to raise fall hazard awareness in an effort to stop fall fatalities.  Save Save


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CAWP / H2AP offered 17 industry-recommended courses in 2017.  New for 2017 was the addition of a Silica Competent Person course. This course was designed to educate employees who may be designated as competent persons, in compliance with OSHA silica rule.  Four programs were held educating 144 on the competent person requirements.    Another course was offered due to regulatory demand, the DOT regulation on Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). The course was offered to fleet managers, driver supervisors, and safety personnel who are most impacted by this new ELD rule.    Another new offering was the addition of a 2-hour Online Defensive Driving (DDC) training program.  CAWP partnered with the National Safety Council to offer these courses.  Participant can print a certificate after completing the course.   


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The CAWP / H2AP Annual Membership Reception and Monte Carlo was held on Friday, January 13, 2017 with nearly 750 people in attendance. The new and improved event featured an extended Monte Carlo event, reception-style food and the same exciting prize drawings as in years past. Attendees were able to enjoy more time networking with their fellow construction industry professionals, while also enjoying the game tables, food and drinks throughout the evening. Funds raised at this event benefitted the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. 

CAWP Construction Market Symposium

CAWP hosted the annual Construction Market Symposium on March 15, 2017. This event is held every winter and provides awarding agency representatives a platform to discuss projects that will be available for bid during the upcoming year with CAWP members. At the 2017 symposium, CAWP welcomed representatives from PennDOT Districts 1, 9, 11, and 12, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Allegheny County Department of Public Works, and ALCOSAN to present their letting schedules.  PennDOT Districts 2 and 10, and the Port Authority of Allegheny County were unable to attend but submitted their project overviews to be distributed among those in attendance.  

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Nearly 100 attendees enjoyed a cocktail reception on Friday, November 10 at Cioppino’s in the Strip at the 2017 CAWP President’s PAC Party. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails in the main dining area, while socializing with their fellow attendees. Many guests took part in the whiskey tasting, and enjoyed complimentary cigars in the Cigar Bar.  At the end of the evening, several attendees walked away with exciting raffle prizes.   Thank you to everyone who participated by attending or sponsoring the 2017 President’s PAC Party. All proceeds from the event will go to the CAWP PAC.  Gold Sponsors Bob Miner, Donegal Construction Corporation Vincent Tutino, Lindy Paving, Inc. Andrew Swank, Swank Construction Co., LLC George Mezey, Trumbull Corporation Silver Sponsors Jim Wilkinson, Joseph B. Fay Co. Chuck Niederriter, Golden Triangle Construction Co. Tom Kissane, M. O’Herron Company Jack Laver, Mayer Brothers Construction Co. Jack Mills, Plum Contracting, Inc. Bronze Sponsors Mike Odasso, Allegheny Mineral Corp. Jim McCort, Green Acres Contracting Co., Inc. Justin Fox, Independence Excavating, Inc. Kerry Kennedy, The Lane Construction Corporation Stephen Blum, North Suburban Tree Service, Inc. Jay Black, Seubert & Associates Prize Sponsor Enterprise Fleet Services Lance Shreffler, McKinney Drilling Company

CAWP/H2AP Kennywood Day

Nearly 400 attendees were registered for the 2017 CAWP / H2AP Construction Industry Family Day at Kennywood on Sunday, June 4, 2017. The warm weather and gentle breezes made for a fantastic day at the park for the attendees and some fun socializing with other industry professionals.  After enjoying the park for the morning, participants gathered at the pavilion for ice cream treats, beverages and exciting raffles. The crowd that gathered were excited to win some exciting prizes including a $100 Best Buy Gift Card and a $150 Toys R Us gift card, among other items. The top prize of the afternoon was a Family Pirate Pack with four All You Can Eat tickets at an upcoming Fireworks Night and a $100 gift card for merchandise. Kenny Kangaroo even made an appearance to welcome the group to the park, much to the delight of many of the younger attendees. Save Save Save

Perfect Weather for a Golf Outing

The annual CAWP Golf Outing was held on Monday, August 28, 2017 at Fox Chapel Golf Club and Pittsburgh Field Club. Golfers enjoyed perfect weather on premier courses at the Fox Chapel Golf Club and Pittsburgh Field Club. Immediately following the round of golf, all attendees gathered at Fox Chapel Golf Club for an extended cocktail reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres and bar service. While enjoying the sliders and French fry bar, attendees were able to network and mingle with their fellow construction industry professionals throughout the atrium, ballroom and terrace.  During the reception, the winners of the golf rounds were announced and raffle prizes were awarded to some very lucky attendees.    Visit our new event recap page to see what you missed!  Save Save


New CAWP Event Recaps Available on Website

After a CAWP event, photos and details of the event are placed in an event recap webpage created on the CAWP website.  All CAWP Event Recaps are viewable within a week after the event takes place. The recaps can be viewed at cawp.org in the Past Events tab under the Events section.
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